Public Comments

NOTICE: The text that is crossed out below reflects edits made for consistency with the Commission’s Emergency Procedures Order, filed in March 2020. These changes are in effect until further notice is given by Commission order.

The Public Utilities Commission accepts public comment on open dockets and other matters before the Commission. By submitting public comment, you grant the Commission permission to file your message and any identifying information you provide as a part of the public record for the docket in which your comments are filed, or to post your message and identifying information on the PUC website for non-docketed matters. Public comments may appear in the Commission’s Document Management System.

To submit public comment use one of the following methods:


You may submit your public comment online using the form below.

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Postal Mail

You may submit your public comment via U.S. Postal Mail to the PUC’s main office on Oahu. Please follow the format set forth on the online form above.

State of Hawaii
Public Utilities Commission
465 South King Street, Room 103
Honolulu, Hawaii 96813

In Person

You may submit your written public comment at any PUC office (listed on the right). Please follow the format set forth on the online form above.

Updated 4/2020