Filing Docketed Documents

Follow the instructions below to file your docketed document by ePayment (Electronic Payment) or In Person/Postal Mail.

eFiling (Electronic File)

  1. Review the Guidelines for Filing Documents with the PUC.
  2. Individuals seeking to eFile must register online.
    If you are not registered visit the Electronic Filing (eFiling) page. Within 2 business days of registering you will receive an email to active your account.
  3. Go to the Filing Docketed Documents eform.
  4. Follow the online instructions to upload and submit filing to the Commission.


In Person/Postal Mail [1]

  1. Follow the Guidelines for Filing Documents with the PUC document instructions. [1]

[1] The text that is crossed out reflects edits made for consistency with the Commission's Emergency Procedures Order, PUC Moves to All Electronic Processes, filed on March 13, 2020 as part of the PUC’s overall response to COVID-19. These changes are in effect until further notice is given by commission order.

Updated 9/2020