Motor Carriers Filings & Forms

Motor Carriers Applications, Certificates, Permits, and Mandatory Filings to Obtain or Maintain PUC Certificates or Permits.  View the MC Frequently asked Questions (“FAQs”) for additional information.

Certificate or Permits Applications

Certificates or Permits Required Filings

The following are mandatory filings to obtain or maintain Commission certificates or permits. These forms must be submitted whenever motor carriers 1) lease vehicles; 2) obtain new certificates or permits; 3) reactivate existing certificates or permits, 4) transfer existing certificates, permits, or carrier property; 5) change insurance carriers; 6) change vehicle inventory; or reinstate suspended/cancelled certificates or permits.

  • Motor Carrier Vehicle Lease Form

    This form must be submitted whenever motor carriers lease the vehicles necessary or useful in the performance of operations under their certificates or permits (under Section 6-62-18 of the Hawaii Administrative Rules). This form must be submitted in duplicate.

  • Motor Carrier Insurance Forms

  • Department of Taxation Form A-6, Tax Clearance Application

    Your motor carrier application will NOT be accepted for filing at the Public Utilities Commission unless it is accompanied by a Tax Clearance Certificate issued by the Department of Taxation.

    1. Go to forms on the Department of Taxation web site ( and download Form A-6 and the Instructions for Filing Forma A-6.
    2. Read the instructions and complete the appropriate sections of Form A-6.
    3. At line 4, enter a check mark in the box and enter the words “State PUC Motor Carrier Licensing” after the word “Others”.
    4. Take the form to the Department of Taxation and obtain a Tax Clearance Certificate.
  • PUC Form 92-003 – Vehicle Inventory List

    This “Vehicle Inventory List” form must be submitted by motor carriers for property and passengers under the following conditions (under Section 6-62-28 of the Hawaii Administrative Rules): 1. when obtaining a new certificate or permit (included in application); 2. when reactivating an existing certificate or permit (PUC initiated); 3. when transferring an existing certificate or permit (included in application); 4. when changing vehicle inventory (adding or deleting; must be submitted within thirty days of the date of the change ); or 5. when reinstating a suspended/cancelled certificate or permit (PUC initiated).

  • Motor Carrier Passenger and Property Annual Financial Reports (AFR) and Fees

    Form 03-010, Annual Report of Motor Carriers, and Form 03-020, Annual Report of Passenger & Property Carriers, are mandatory Filings to Obtain or Maintain PUC Certificates or Permits.

Updated 10/2021