Goals and Objectives of the Commission

Primary Purpose

The Commission’s primary purpose is to ensure that regulated companies efficiently and safely provide their customers with adequate and reliable services at just and reasonable rates, while providing regulated companies with a fair opportunity to earn a reasonable rate of return.

Long-Term Goals

  • Modernize and re-organize the Commission as needed to adapt to changes in technology, markets, economic conditions, consumer needs, and environmental concerns to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the Commission in promoting and protecting the public interest.
  • Foster and encourage competition or other alternatives where reasonably feasible in an effort to provide consumers with meaningful choices for services at lower rates that are just and reasonable.
  • Promote and encourage efficient and reliable production and delivery of all utility services. Promote and encourage efficient and reliable electricity generation, transmission and distribution.
  • Promote and encourage the use of alternative, renewable, and clean energy resources for the production of electricity to increase the efficiency, reliability, and sustainability of electricity generation and supply for consumers.
  • Assist in creating an environment conducive for healthy economic growth and stability in the public interest.

Short-Term Goals

  • Increase the transparency of the regulatory process and public access to the Commission to ensure that the Commission efficiently, independently, fairly, and impartially regulates public utilities.
  • Streamline and modernize the regulatory process whenever reasonably feasible to increase the efficiency of the Commission and regulated utilities.
  • Re-evaluate and update internal Commission staff procedures to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of Commission activities.