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The Public Utilities Commission (PUC) regulates all chartered, franchised, certificated, and registered public utility companies operating in the State; reviews and approves rates, tariffs, charges and fees; determines the allowable rate of earnings in establishing rates; issues guidelines concerning the general management of franchised or certificated utility businesses; and acts on requests for the acquisition, sale, disposition or other exchange of utility properties, including mergers and consolidations.

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Notice to Interested Persons January 20, 2023 – Motor Carrier Applications

January 20, 2023 – NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN TO interested persons that the applications listed have been filed with the HAWAII PUBLIC UTILITIES COMMISSION.

Notice to Interested Persons January 13, 2023 – Motor Carrier Applications

January 13, 2023 – NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN TO interested persons that the applications listed have been filed with the HAWAII PUBLIC UTILITIES COMMISSION.

Recently Filed Reports to the Legislature

PUC Holds Working Group Meetings in Docket No. 2019-0323 to assist implementation of Advanced Rate Design Framework, Smart DER Tariff, and Bring-Your-Own-Device Tariff

December 9, 2022 – The Commission will reconvene the Advanced Rate Design Working Group on Monday, December 12, 2022, to assist Hawaiian Electric and advise the Commission during implementation of the Advanced Rate Design Framework in Hawaii. The Commission will hold a Technical Conference for the Program Track on Thursday, December 15, 2022, to discuss outstanding questions and modeling efforts in Phase 3 of the DER Program Structure, which focuses on implementation of the Smart DER Tariff and the Bring-Your-Own-Device Tariff. See the meeting notices, agendas and more on the DER webpage.

Mandatory 10-digit Local Dialing

The Hawaii Public Utilities Commission would like to remind you that the mandatory 10-digit local dialing will start on October 24, 2021. All local calls, including those on the same island, will require that you dial area code 808 before the telephone number.

More PUC News

Community Based Renewable Energy (CBRE) (Docket: 2017-0352)

The Hawaii Public Utilities Commission (“PUC”) initiated Phase 2 of the community based renewable energy program (“CBRE”) on April 9, 2020. The PUC’s goal for Phase 2 is to dramatically expand access to the economic, environmental, and societal benefits of renewable energy.

Distributed Energy Resource (DER) Policies

On September 24, 2019, the Hawaii Public Utilities Commission opened a proceeding to investigate the technical, economic, and policy issues associated with distributed energy resources (“DER”) and rate design, as they pertain to the Hawaiian Electric Companies. In doing so, the Commission observed that this proceeding would continue the work begun in Docket No. 2014-0192 and Docket No. 2015-0412 which investigated policies and programs for customer-sited DER and customer grid service offerings. The proceeding is divided into three tracks, covering programmatic issues, advanced rate design, and technical issues. PUC’s Order No. 37066 established the track scopes and a procedural schedule.

Performance Based Regulation (PBR)

The Hawaii Public Utilities Commission (“PUC”) has opened a proceeding to investigate performance-based regulation for the Hawaiian Electric Companies. Performance-based regulation (“PBR”) includes a set of alternative regulatory mechanisms intended to focus utilities on performance and desired outcomes, such as increased renewable energy, lower cost, and improved customer service.

HELCO Provides the PUC with Quarterly Reports on PGV Facility

HELCO provided the PUC with a quarterly report regarding the status of permits and other matters related to the PGV facility.

PUC Launches Electric Vehicle Charging Station Rebate Program

On January 1, 2020, the Commission officially launched the statewide Electric Vehicle Charging Station Rebate Program, which is being administered by Hawaii Energy. This program was signed into law by Governor Ige in June 2019, and provides funding for rebates for EV charging station installations and upgrades throughout the State of Hawaii.

PUC Reforms Energy Programs to Support Future Sustainable Growth in Hawaii Rooftop Solar Market

With a Decision and Order issued on October 12, 2015, the Hawaii PUC has established reforms through a collaborative process that will support further sustainable growth in the market for rooftop solar systems and other distributed energy resources (“DER”) desired by Hawaii’s residents and businesses.

PUC Orders Action Plans to Achieve State’s Energy Goals

The Hawaii Public Utilities Commission (PUC) announced four major decisions and orders that collectively provide key policy, resource planning, and operational directives to the Hawaiian Electric Companies (HECO Companies).

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