Motor Carriers

slider-transportationThe Commission regulates passenger and property motor carriers (“MC”). Passenger carriers are classified by authorized vehicle seating capacity. They include tour companies, limousine services, and other transportation providers. Property carriers are classified by the types of commodities transported and the nature of services performed, namely: general commodities, household goods, commodities in dump trucks, and specific commodities. By law, certain transportation services, including, without limitation, taxis, school and city buses, ambulance services, refuse haulers, farming vehicles, and persons transporting personal property, are exempt from Commission regulation.

In accordance with its statutory requirements, the Commission performs the following functions in the regulation of MC: (1) certification and licensing; (2) ratemaking; and (3) business regulation.


  • Declaration: Witness for Illegal Motor Carrier Operations
    If you witness a motor carrier violating the rules and regulations of the Public Utilities Commission.
  • Formal Complaint
    If your declaration is not resolved to your satisfaction and you wish to file a formal complaint, your pleading must be filed in accordance with the formal complaint filing procedures set forth in HAR § 6-61-67. Your filing will be subject to a $30.00 filing fee.

Filings & Forms for MC

Motor Carriers Applications, Certificates, Permits, and Mandatory Filings to Obtain or Maintain PUC Certificates or Permits.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Regulated Motor Carriers

Regulated MC reports on the DMS.


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