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Our staff is available Monday through Friday, 7:45 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. to answer your questions.


The Public Utilities Commission accepts public comment on open dockets before the Commission. To submit your comment go to the Public Comments page.


Informal Complaints

After trying to resolve an issue directly with a public utility, you may wish to file an informal complaint with the PUC.

Formal Complaints

If your informal complaint is not resolved to your satisfaction and you wish to file a formal complaint, your pleading must be filed in accordance with the formal complaint filing procedures set forth in HAR § 6-61-67. Your filing will be subject to a $30.00 filing fee.

Witness for Illegal Motor Carrier Operations

If you witness a motor carrier violating the rules and regulations of the Public Utilities Commission, you may wish to file the Declaration form to enable the Commission’s enforcement officers to issue a citation based on the information you provided in your declaration.


To request to review or receive copies of docket files download and complete the PUC Document Request Form and send to the Commission. All official files of the PUC shall be reviewed only at the commission’s office. Copies of document(s) cost $0.25 per page and must be paid with cash or checks. You will be notified when the files are available for review or pickup.

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