The Commission oversees the intrastate cellular, paging, mobile telephone, and other services of telecommunications providers in addition to the services of Hawaiian Telcom, Inc., the State’s only incumbent local exchange carrier (“ILEC”) and largest provider of intrastate services.

The Commission is also the State entity responsible for designating and certifying Eligible Telecommunication Carriers (“ETCs”) seeking Universal Service Fund (“USF”) disbursements under the federal USF program.

Regulated Telecommunications Providers

Last Updated 5/13/2016. Up-to-date list of all regulated utility providers is available on the DMS “Active Utility Companies Report“.

Incumbent Local Exchange Carrier (ILEC)

Hawaiian Telcom, Inc.
Spok, Inc. (fka USA Mobility Wireless, Inc.)
1 800 Collect, Inc.
800 Response Information Services LLC
AccessLine Communications Corporation (dba Voice Telco Services)
ACN Communications Services, LLC
Affinity Network Incorporated
Airus, Inc. (fka IntelePeer, Inc.)
Americatel Corporation (COA) (dba Startec)
AmeriVision Communications, Inc.
ANPI Business, LLC (fka Zone Telecom, LLC)
Atlas Equity, Inc. (dba Performance Telecom) CLEC, LLC
BCN Telecom, Inc. (COA)
BCN Telecom, Inc. (Facilities-based)
Birch Telecom of the West, Inc. (dba Birch Communications)
Broadview Networks, Inc.
Broadvox-CLEC, LLC
Broadwing Communications, LLC
BT Communications Sales LLC
Buehner Fry, Inc.
Business Telecom, LLC (dba EarthLink Business II)
CenturyLink Communications, LLC
Clear World Communications Corp.
Clearcom, Inc.
Communications Advisors LLC (dba Pacific Wave Telecom)
Comtech 21, LLC
Consumer Telcom, Inc.
Crexendo Business Solutions, Inc.
Crown Castle NG West LLC (fka Crown Castle NW West Inc./NEXTG Networks of California, Inc.)
Custom Teleconnect, Inc.
DeltaCom, LLC (dba EarthLink Business I)
Dynalink Communications, Inc.
Easton Telecom Services, LLC
Electric Lightwave LLC (dba Integra Telecom)
Encompass Communications, LLC
Entelegent Solutions, Inc. (dba Entelegent Communications Solutions)
Extenet Systems, Inc.
First Communications, LLC
France Telecom Corporate Solutions L.L.C. (COA)
Frontier Communications of America, Inc.
GC Pivotal, LLC
Global Crossing Telecommunications, Inc.
Global Tel*Link Corporation
Gold Line Telemanagement, Inc.
Granite Telecommunications, LLC
Grasshopper Group, LLC
Hamilton Relay, Inc.
Hawaii Dialogix Telecom, LLC (fka Hawaii Direct Telephone Company STS, LLC)
Hawaiian Telcom Services Company, Inc. (COA)
iBasis Retail, Inc. (dba iBasis)
IDT America, Corp.
InContact, Inc. (dba Buyersonline)
Info-Tel, Inc.
Intellicall Operator Services, Inc.
International Exchange Communications, Inc. (dba IE Com)
International Telecom, Ltd.
Level 3 Communications, LLC
Matrix Telecom, Inc. (dba Matrix Business Technologies, dba Trinsic Communications, dba Vartec Telecom, dba Excel Telecommunications, dba Clear Choice Communications)
MCI Communications Services, LLC (dba Verizon Business Services)
MCI Metro Access Transmission Services, Inc. (dba Verizon Access Transmission Services)
Metropolitan Telecommunications of Hawaii, Inc.
Miracle Communications, Inc.
Mitel Cloud Services, Inc. (COA) (fka Mitel NetSolutions, Inc. (COA))
Mobilitie, LLC
NECC Telecom, Inc.
Net One International, Inc.
Net-Tel Corporation
Network Communications International Corp. (aka 1800Call4less)
Network Innovations, Inc. (dba Nitel)
Neutral Tandem-Hawaii, LLC
New Horizons Communications Corp.
NextGen Communications, Inc.
Nobeltel, LLC
North County Communications Corporation
NOS Communications, Inc.
Nova Telecom, Inc.
OneStar Long Distance
Operator Service Company, LLC
Opex Communications, Inc. (dba TCI Long Distance)
Pacific Data Systems (dba Nexgen Network Services)
PNG Telecommunications, Inc. (dba PowerNet Global Communications, dba CrossConnect), Inc.
Premiere Network Services, Inc.
Primus Telecommunications, Inc. (COA)
PT-1 Communications, Inc.
Public Communications Services, Inc.
Public Wireless, Inc.
Red Road Telecom, LLC
SBC Long Distance, LLC (dba SBC Long Distance, dba AT&T Long Distance)
Securus Technologies, Inc.
Servpac Incorporated
STI Prepaid, LLC
Talk America, LLC (dba Cavalier Telephone, dba PAETEC Business Services)
TDS Long Distance Corporation (COA)
Telecom North America Inc.
Time Warner Cable Business LLC
Time Warner Cable Information Services (Hawaii), LLC (dba Time Warner Cable)
TNCI Operating Company LLC
Total Call International, Inc.
Total Holdings Inc. (dba GTC Communications)
TTI National, Inc.
U.S. Telecom Long Distance, Inc.
Value-Added Communications, Inc.
Velocity The Greatest Phone Company Ever, Inc.
Verizon Hawaii International, Inc.
Verizon Long Distance LLC (dba Verizon Long Distance)
Verizon Select Services, Inc.
Vitcom LLC
Voicecom Telecommunications, LLC
Wavecom Solutions Corporation
West Safety Communications Inc.
Wide Voice, LLC
WilTel Communications, LLC
WiMacTel, Inc. (dba Intellical Operator Services of North America)
Windstream Communications, LLC
Winstar of Hawaii, LLC (dba GVCWinstar)
Working Assets Funding Service, Inc. (dba Credo Long Distance)
X2Comm, Inc. (dba DC Communications)
XO Communications Services, Inc.
Yestel USA, Inc.
Ymax Communications Corp.
AAA Rent to Own – Hawaii, Inc. (dba Colortyme)
Access Point, Inc.
American Broadband and Telecommunications Company
American Messaging Services, LLC
BCN Telecom, Inc. (COR)
Blue Jay Wireless, LLC
Boomerang Wireless, LLC
Consumer Cellular, Incorporated
Defense Mobile Corporation
Dial World Communications, LLC
Eos Mobile Holdings LLC
Flash Wireless, LLC
France Telecom Corporate Solutions L.L.C. (COR)
Google North America Inc.
Granite Telecommunications, LLC (COR)
Hawaiian Telcom Services Company, Inc. (COR)
IM Telecom, LLC (dba Infinite Mobile)
i-wireless, LLC
K G Communications, Inc.
KDDI America, Inc.
Lycamobile USA, Inc.
MetroPCS California, LLC
Mitel Cloud Services, Inc. (COR) (fka Mitel Netsolutions, Inc.)
OnStar, LLC
Pinnacle Telecommunications Group, LLC
PLDT (US) Mobility, LLC
Puretalk Holdings, LLC
Ready Wireless, LLC
Sage Telecom Communications, LLC
SelecTel, Inc. (d/b/a Selectel Wireless)
Solavei, LLC
Stream Communications, LLC
Tachibana Enterprises, LLC
Telefonica USA, Inc.
Telrite Corporation
Tempo Telecom, LLC
The People’s Operator USA, LLC
Ting Inc.
Total Call Mobile, Inc.
Tracfone Wireless, Inc. (dba Safelink Wireless)
Virgin Mobile USA, L.P.
WiMacTel, Inc. (COR)
365 Wireless LLC
Budget Prepay, Inc.
Cellco Partnership (dba Verizon Wireless)
Coral Wireless, LLC (dba Mobi PCS)
Cricket Wireless LLC (fka Aio Wireless LLC)
New Cingular Wireless PCS, LLC
NPCR, Inc. (dba Nextel Partners)
Pa Makani LLC (dba Sandwich Isles Wireless)
Q Link Wireless LLC
SprintCom, Inc. (dba Sprint PCS)
T-Mobile West LLC (dba T-Mobile fka Voicestream Wireless)
Vodafone US Inc.
ACSI Local Switched Services, Inc.
AT&T Corp. (fka AT&T Communications of Hawaii, Inc.)
Common Point LLC
Level 3 Telecom of Hawaii, LP
Sandwich Isles Communications, Inc.
Sprint Communications Company L.P.
Summit Communications, Inc.