Docket No. 2022-0250: Public Comment Tracker

This tracker includes public comments filed in Docket 2022-0250 since December 13, 2022. It does not include responses to Commission filings that request written input, such as the Draft Workplan, which will be addressed separately. Commission Staff provide an initial response to each comment, but please note that these responses are subject to change given the iterative and inherently flexible nature of the proceeding. All filings can be found at:

The Commission is interested in testing new methods of soliciting stakeholder feedback and ensuring that the feedback is accurately captured in the official docket record in this proceeding. For that reason, Commission Staff has developed a “Public Comments Tracker” that will summarize all public comments provided to this docket and that will provide Commission staff’s initial response to such comments. Given the iterative and flexible nature of the proceeding, any initial response from Commission staff provided in the tracker is subject to change. Public comments can be submitted at any time at, and may reference Docket No. 2022-0250.

Date Received Commenter(s) Comment Description/Summary Initial Commission Staff Response
12/21/2022 Marti Townsend, Earthjustice Requesting consideration of an extended
deadline to participate/intervene in the docket. Letter also filed 12/22/22.
The Commission issued Order No. 38788 on
12/22/22, suspending the deadline for motions to intervene or participate in
the docket.
2/24/2023 Energy Equity Hui Community Benefits
Working Group via Layla Kilolu
Letter filed providing research and
recommendations on community benefit packages. Examples are provided from New
York, Pennsylvania, California, and Hawaii. The letter recommends: 1.
Improving community input to community benefits packages via focus
groups/listening sessions; 2. Development of a rubric for assessing
effectiveness of community outreach; 3. Exploration of new structures for
community benefits packages.
The Draft Workplan includes a workstream
dedicated to discussing issues of siting and hosting energy infrastructure.
The workstream can consider the recommendations included in this letter and
work towards its recommended outcomes.
3/6/2023 Regina Gregory Ideas;
1. Free electricity for host communities
2. Change the “revenue balancing”
3. Use military land
4. Pass on savings from using free
“fuels” of sun and wind
5. Make HECO a “B corporation”
Commission staff notes that item 1 can be
considered within the workstream dedicated to discussing issues of
infrastructure siting and hosting, and items 2, 3, and 4 can be considered
within the Utility Performance and Tracking workstream.
3/8/2023 Sara Steiner, Larry Wood Letter requests additional reporting and
monitoring regarding seismic monitoring for volcanic activity in relation to
geothermal plants and particularly the Puna Geothermal Ventures (PGV) power
plant. The letter also requests consideration of compensation for
environmental impacts of the PGV plant.
Commission staff notes that benefits for
communities that host energy infrastructure will be considered within this
docket, which could include consideration of the particular
impacts of different types of power plants, such as geothermal units.
The Utility Performance and Tracking category also aims to identify
community-defined metrics to track and report publicly.
3/9/2023 John Borland Letter provides information and a related
news article detailing impacts of certain distributed energy resources and
Federal programs on Low- and Moderate-Income (LMI) household energy burdens.
Commission staff notes that time-varying
rates and access to distributed energy resource programs for LMI customers
can be considered in the workstream related to Access to Clean Energy.
3/14/2023 Regina Gregory Ideas;
Smaller-scale solar, wind, hydro
Do not allow HECO to recoup 100% of fossil
fuel costs
Change funding for EV charging stations, currently
paid for by HECO ratepayers
Commission staff notes that these items can
be addressed within the workstreams related to Access to Clean Energy and
Utility Performance and Tracking.
3/15/2023 Blue Planet Foundation and Sierra Club via Earthjustice Letter recommends: 1. Addition of a
workstream pathway on equitable siting of utility-scale energy projects; 2.
More explicit consideration of past harm and injustice to Native Hawaiian
communities and promotion of climate resiliency; 3. Adoption of
“restorative justice” as a guiding tenet for the proceeding; 4.
Release of a proposed workplan for comment by participants; 5. Convening of
meetings in various locations and forums; 6. Inclusion of a clear meeting
schedule and objectives within the workplan; 7. Development of robust
procedures for gathering, recording, sharing, and responding to feedback; 8.
Internal PUC capacity building on energy equity; and 9. Opportunity to
convene and panel on community-centered energy equity issues and strategies.
The Draft Workplan includes a workstream
dedicated to discussing issues of infrastructure siting hosting. The
workstream can consider the recommendations included in this letter and work
towards its recommended outcomes. The Work Planworkplanially
released in draft form for comment with a procedural notice to ensure
participants are aware of the anticipated timeline. The Commission will
continue to work to ensure sufficient notice and opportunity for input.Recommendations 2, 3, and 8 can be
considered within the Procedural Equity workstream.Commission Staff appreciates
recommendations 5 – 8 and is working on incorporating such practice into its
workplan and ongoing efforts.Commission Staff appreciate the offer to
convene a community panel and notes the subsequent letter filed in the docket
on this topic.
3/23/2023 Doug Kroll Letter recommends a pay-it-forward idea to
help Asset-Limited, Income-Constrained, Employed
(ALICE) households to share the benefits of rooftop solar.
The Commission has directed Hawaiian
Electric to propose a program to allow customers with rooftop solar to share
excess benefits with those in need. That can be considered in the workstream
covering Access to Clean Energy.
4/13/2023 Diane Ware Letter notes support for exploring energy
equity and ratepayer involvement and notes the expanding industrial solar in
Ocean View that supports energy consumption in wealthy areas without input
from rural and low-income communities.
The Draft Workplan includes a workstream
dedicated to discussing issues of siting and hosting energy infrastructure,
which could include Ocean View.
6/5/2023 Blue Planet Foundation and Sierra Club via
Letter reiterates support for community-led
panels and encourages the Commission to invite communities to provide such
This letter welcomes such panels and other
engagement, and Commission Staff welcomes other ideas for soliciting such
7/3/2023 Ryan Hurley, representing Kahuku Community Association Letter noting long timeline for the
Commission to respond to Kahuku Community Association’s motion to intervene,
or alternatively participate, in the docket.
The Commission issued Order No. 40112 on
July 21st, 2023, responding to the motion.
8/3/2023 James Cohn Letter noting the benefits of geothermal,
learning from other jurisdictions, and the need for energy independence.
The Commission staff notes that this is an
investigatory docket, open to learning from other jurisdictions and that
energy independence overlaps with discussions of energy equity.
12/13/2023 Life of the Land LOL notes that in previous RFP dockets, only the utility and Consumer Advocate have been permitted intervention. LOL also notes that the scoring of bids is not publicly available and asserts that they are a “black box.” LOL points out that terms such as “co-design” lack clarity and the PUC has not ruled on HECO’s “renewable energy zone” concept. Procedurally, LOL claims that PPAs are not an ideal venue for addressing community concerns. Commission staff note that part of the purpose of this docket is to determine better venues for addressing community concerns within the RFP process and intends to discuss appropriate venues for input as part of the series of meetings on RFP improvements. This topic will also be covered in discussions of procedural equity.
12/26/2023 Sara Steiner This comment expresses community concerns about the safety of Puna Geothermal Ventures and opposition to expansion of drilling. Commission staff note that approval of the PPA for PGV’s expansion is dependent PGV completing environmental review, Hawaiian Electric filing a copy of that completed environmental review with the Commission, and further Commission review of any material changes necessitated by the environmental review. More information on the environmental review process is available here:

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