Hawaii Electric Reliability Administrator

The Hawaii Public Utilities Commission issued a Request for Information (RFI) on February 23 to solicit feedback related to the Hawaii Electric Reliability Administrator (HERA). The overall goal of the HERA is to ensure the reliable design and operation of the Hawaii electric systems. The initial focus of the HERA will be on the systems operated by the Hawaiian Electric Companies.

The full RFI and details on how to submit a response to the RFI is available at: https://hands.ehawaii.gov/hands/opportunities/opportunity-details/21007.

The Commission is seeking feedback from:

  • Entities interested in serving under contract with the Commission as the HERA; and/or
  • Experts in the development, administration, or management of a process, program, or system similar to that envisioned for the HERA.

The key objectives currently envisioned for the HERA include:

  • Establish effective and transparent reliability standards;
  • Oversee interconnection-related matters including dispute resolution;
  • Oversee grid operations, system planning, and related studies; and
  • Oversee and advise on cybersecurity issues.

The primary objective of the RFI is to understand the capabilities, concerns, and constructive feedback from entities that could potentially serve in the role of the HERA and to gather information to develop an effective and practical scope prior to requesting proposals.


Updated 8/2023