Press Release – Public Utilities Commission to explore intragovernmental wheeling

Posted on Jul 1, 2024 in News Release

HONOLULU – The Hawai‘i Public Utilities Commission opened a new investigative docket today to explore intragovernmental wheeling and whether it is in the public interest.

Wheeling is customer use a of utility’s transmission and distribution facilities to transmit power from one energy generation site to another location. It enables customers with load and distributed generation potential to receive and use the energy produced in separate places.

The commission’s initial investigation will be conducted in three phases, limited to the exploration of intragovernmental wheeling: (1) stakeholder outreach; (2) proceeding, which will include an intervention period, establishing a statement of issues following stakeholder feedback, and setting a procedural schedule; and (3) commission decision-making on whether to establish intragovernmental wheeling policies and procedures.

The initial three phases are expected to be completed by November 2025. Following these initial phases, the commission intends to use lessons learned to explore the possibility of retail wheeling in subsequent phases.

In this first stakeholder outreach phase, the commission invites any persons or entities interested in participating in stakeholder outreach on intragovernmental wheeling to contact the commission at [email protected] with a description of their qualifications on this topic by July 15.


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