PUC Reforms Energy Programs to Support Future Sustainable Growth in Hawaii Rooftop Solar Market

Posted on Oct 13, 2015 in Energy, News Release

With a Decision and Order issued on October 12, 2015, the Hawaii PUC has established reforms through a collaborative process that will support further sustainable growth in the market for rooftop solar systems and other distributed energy resources (“DER”) desired by Hawaii’s residents and businesses.

The reforms established in this Order will (1) promote rapid adoption of the next generation of solar PV and other distributed energy technologies, (2) encourage more competitive pricing of DER systems, (3) lower overall energy supply costs for all customers, and (4) help to manage each island grid’s scarce capacity. The Commission views distributed energy resources (including rooftop solar PV) as an important contributor to meeting the state’s 100% renewable energy goal, complemented by the recently enacted community-based renewable legislation and larger utility-scale projects.