Case and Docket Management System Project


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A scheduled system outage will occur beginning Thursday, June 15, 4:30 pm through Monday, June 19, 9:00 am as the PUC transitions from the old DMS to new CDMS system. No filings or payments will be accepted during this time.

The CDMS Project is the PUC’s initiative to overhaul its information technology (IT) systems. This project aligns with the 2018 State Auditor’s recommendation to improve the PUC’s IT infrastructure and customer accessibility. The PUC has been working on this project since late 2019 and will launch June 19, 2023.

Preview of the CDMS eServices homepage
Preview of the CDMS eServices homepage


The cut-over process to transition to the new CDMS system begins Thursday, June 15, 2023 at 4:30 pm, requiring a system outage until CDMS goes live on June 19, 2023 at 9:00 am. No filings or payments will be accepted or processed during this time.

Due to scheduled outage, the PUC will consider any filings that are due on Friday, June 16, 2023 to be timely if they are filed with the PUC by close of business on Monday, June 19, 2023.

If you are subscribed to email notifications for Docket Updates or Daily Activity Report, you must re-subscribe using the new CDMS eServices portal on June 19 to continue receiving email notifications.


  • What is CDMS eServices?

    CDMS eServices is the PUC’s new online portal that makes it easier for you to connect with the PUC, e-file, make payments and more. Learn more on the CDMS Project webpage.

    Updated 5/2023
  • What can I do in CDMS eServices?

    The CDMS eServices portal will provide an overall improved user experience allowing you to do things like:

    • Submit form-based e-filings
    • Make online payments
    • Search for cases and filings, such as docketed documents and non-docketed tariffs and reports
    • Subscribe email notifications on updates to dockets and cases and other reports
    • Associate multiple logins with your account and manage their access
    Updated 5/2023
  • Can I still use the old DMS after June 14, 2023?

    No, the DMS system will be archived as of June 15, 2023 at 4:30 pm. However, it will remain online in view-only mode until data migration to the new CDMS is complete. Data migration is estimated to be completed in July, 2023.

    Between June 19th and July 2023, users may need to access both the new CDMS eServices system to access filings after June 15, 2023 and also the old archived DMS system to view filings on or before June 15, 2023.

    We will post a notice on the CDMS Project webpage when all files have been migrated. Sign up for CDMS Project Updates to get notified by email when file migration is complete and other project announcements.

    Updated 5/2023
  • I was subscribed to DMS docket updates and/or the Daily Activity Report. Do I need to resubscribe in CDMS eServices?

    Yes. To continue receiving email notifications, you must re-subscribe to docket updates and reports in CDMS eServices beginning June 19.

    Updated 5/2023
  • Is there a fee to e-file?

    It depends. Filings that do not require a fee can be filed free of charge. Filings that do require a payment (such as applications and motions), will require to you make an online payment before to submit your filing.

    Updated 5/2023
  • How can I learn more about how to use CDMS eServices?

    Training videos and how-to guides are forthcoming. Sign up for CDMS Project updates to get notified when we post training material and other project announcements.

    Updated 5/2023
  • Updated 5/2023