Notice Of Public Hearing for Lanai Water Company Rate Case (Docket No. 2022-0233)

Posted on Jan 30, 2023 in Public Notice

The STATE OF HAWAII PUBLIC UTILITIES COMMISSION (“Commission”) will hold public hearings relating to the application LANAI WATER COMPANY, INC. (LWC), for Commission for review and approval of rate increases, revisions of rate schedules, and changes to its tariff.

To increase the opportunities for the public to offer testimony, the Commission will be holding two public hearings as follows:

  1. In-Person Hearing
    Tuesday, February 21, 2023, at 4:00 p.m.

    Lanai High & Elementary School Cafeteria
    555 Fraser Avenue
    Lanai City, Hawaii 96763
  2. Virtual Hearing
    Thursday, February 23, 2023 at 5:30pm

    Online (via web browser or Webex mobile device app) Link:
    Meeting Number: 2557 950 4103
    Meeting Password: cjGGXyXJ443

    Dial-in Number: +1-650-479-3208
    Access Code: 2557 950 4103
    Meeting Password: 25449995

Written Statements

Statements may also be submitted through the Commission’s public comments webform, e-mailed to [email protected], or mailed to 465 South King Street, Room 103, Honolulu, Hawaii 96813.

All written statements should reference Docket No. 2022-0233.


LWC is a public utility authorized by the Commission to provide:

(1) potable water distribution services on the island of Lanai to Lanai City, Koele, Kaumalapau, Manele-Hulopoe, Lanai Airport, Miki Basin and Palawai Basin, Kaupili Road and Upper Kaumalapau Highway, and Upper Manele on the island of Lanai; and

(2) non-potable (a.k.a. brackish) water distribution service to the Manele-Hulopoe area on the island of Lanai.

LWC seeks to increase its revenues from its potable water distribution services by $2,103,729 (an approximate 357% increase from present rates), based on a 2023 test year. LWC seeks to increase its revenues from its non-potable water distribution service by $155,276 (an approximate 50% increase from present rates), based on a 2023 test year. LWC proposes to implement this increase over five years.

In addition to requesting a revenue increase, LWC requests that the Commission approve proposed revisions to its potable and non-potable tariffs by, among other things, imposing a service charge for dishonored/returned checks and establishing certain criteria to qualify for its proposed new Agricultural Potable Water Rate for potable water distribution customers. The Commission will investigate whether LWC’s proposed relief is just and reasonable.

For more information on LWC’s present and proposed rates, including proposed five-step implementation schedule, see the Commission’s Notice of Hearing.

Contact Information for Lanai Water Company, Inc.’s attorneys:
Jeffrey T. Ono
David Y. Nakashima
Watanabe Ing LLP
999 Bishop Street4, Suite 1250
Honolulu, HI 96813
Email: [email protected], [email protected]

Contact Information for the Consumer Advocate
Division of Consumer Advocacy
Department of Commerce and Consumer Affairs
335 Merchant Street, Room 326
Honolulu, HI 96813
Email: [email protected]