Renewable Energy Procurement (RFP Docket No. 2017-0352) — Resource Procurement by Island


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Hawaiian Electric’s three stages of RFPs for renewable dispatchable generation for Oahu, Maui, and Hawaii Island result in Power Purchase Agreements (“PPAs”) that the Commission reviews. PPAs represent an agreement for Hawaiian Electric to purchase energy from a power plant that a developer builds and operates over a contract term, typically 20 to 30 years.

The following tables provide a list of the resources procured through the RFPs described above, including relevant dockets for more information on each resource. Once a contract is submitted to the Commission, it is “Under PUC Review” until approved by the Commission, “PPA Approved” after the Commission’s approval and during construction, and “In Service” once online and providing energy.

Projects that have withdrawn from consideration are not included. Sizes are presented in megawatts (“MW”) for capacity specifications, such as the size of solar panels, and in megawatt-hours (“MWh”) for energy specifications, such as the size of batteries. A project that is 10 MW in capacity could provide 50 MWh in energy if dispatched at full capacity for five hours, for example. A typical household in Hawaii uses approximately 537 kilowatt-hours (“kWh”; 1,000 kWh equals 1 MWh) per month.

Note that this is not a comprehensive list of all renewable resources by island, rather a list of resources procured and either completed or in the pipeline since 2017 through Hawaiian Electric’s competitive bidding process in Docket No. 2017-0352. See Hawaii State Energy Office’s Hawaii Statewide Energy Projects Directory and Hawaiian Electric’s Sustainability Reports for additional directories of renewable energy projects in the State.


Stage Project Name Technology Size Current Status Docket
Stage 1 AES West Oahu Solar + Storage 12.5 MW / 50 MWh PPA Approved 2019-0050
Stage 1 Hoohana Solar Solar + Storage 52 MW / 208 MWh PPA Approved 2018-0431
Stage 1 Mililani I Solar Solar + Storage 39 MW / 156 MWh In Service 2018-0434
Stage 1 Waiawa Solar Power Solar + Storage 36 MW / 144 MWh In Service 2018-0435
Stage 2 Kapolei Energy Storage Storage 185 MW / 565 MWh PPA Approved 2020-0136
Stage 2 AES Mountain View Solar Solar + Storage 7 MW / 35 MWh PPA Approved 2020-0139
Stage 2 Waiawa Phase 2 Solar Solar + Storage 30 MW / 240 MWh PPA Approved 2020-0137
Stage 2 Kupono Solar Solar + Storage 42 MW / 168 MWh PPA Approved 2022-0007


Stage Project Name Technology Size Current Status Docket
Stage 1 AES Kuihelani Solar + Storage 60 MW / 240 MWh PPA Approved 2018-0436
Stage 1 Paeahu Solar Solar + Storage 14 MW / 60 MWh PPA Approved 2018-0433
Stage 2 Waena Energy Storage Storage 40 MW / 160 MWh Under PUC Review 2020-0132

Hawaii Island

Stage Project Name Technology Size Current Status Docket
Stage 1 AES Waikoloa Solar + Storage 30 MW / 120 MWh In Service 2018-0430
Stage 1 Hale Kuawehi Solar + Storage 30 MW / 120 MWh PPA Approved 2018-0432
Stage 2 Keahole Energy Storage Storage 12 MW / 12 MWh Under PUC Review 2020-0127


To see more and view all filed documents in the docket, see: Docket No. 2017-0352

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