Cancelled – Notice of Public Hearing for Hone Heke Corporation DBA Expeditions for Approval of Rate Increases (Docket No. 2023-0204)

Posted on Aug 17, 2023 in Announcements, Public Notice

In response to Hone Heke’s request and Governor Green’s Fifth Emergency Proclamation Relating to the Maui Wildfires, the Commission cancels the public hearings previously scheduled for August 24, 2023 on Maui and August 25, 2023 on Lānaʻi. The Commission will wait for a future request from Hone Heke before scheduling new public hearings.

The STATE OF HAWAII PUBLIC UTILITIES COMMISSION (“Commission”) will hold a public hearing relating to the Application of HONE HEKE CORPORATION, DBA EXPEDITIONS (“Hone Heke”), for Commission approval of rate changes and increases, revised rate schedules, and changes to its tariff. The Commission will host an in-person public hearing for all interested persons as follows:

Public Hearing Information
Date/Time: Thursday, August 24, 2023, at 6:00 p.m. Cancelled
Lāhainā Intermediate School Cafeteria
871 Lahainaluna Rd
Lāhainā, Hawaii   96761

Date/Time: Friday, August 25, 2023 at 3:30p.m. Cancelled
Lānaʻi High & Elementary School Cafeteria
555 Fraser Avenue
Lānaʻi City, Hawaii   96763

Written Statements
Written comments may be submitted to the Commission online via the Commission’s website for public comments, or mailed to the Public Utilities Commission, 465 South King Street, Room No. 103, Honolulu, Hawaii 96813, or e-mailed to [email protected]. All written statements should reference Docket No. 2023-0204 and include the author’s name and the entity or organization that the author represents, if any.

Summary of Application
Hone Heke is a water carrier authorized to transport passengers and property between the islands of Lānaʻi and Maui.   Pursuant to its Tariff No. 2, Hone Heke provides water carrier transportation service between Lāhainā Harbor, Maui, and Manele Harbor, Lānaʻi.

Hone Heke seeks Commission approval of an increase of 37% to each of its ferry fare passenger ticket categories and a change to its rate schedule as summarized below (Hone Heke proposes to eliminate one category of fares, noted in strikethrough):

ADULTS (A) $30.00 $41.10
GUEST ADULTS (GA) $30.00 $41.10
CHILDREN (C) $20.00 $27.40
GUEST CHILDREN (GC) $20.00 $27.40
ADULTS (KA) $25.00 $34.25
CHILDREN (KC) $10.00 $13.70
RESIDENT SENIOR (RS) $10.00 $13.70
COUPON BOOKS (KB) $125.00 $171.25

COMMUNITY GROUP (KC/SR) $10.00 $13.70

The Commission will investigate whether the proposals in the Application are just and reasonable.

Contact Information for Kauai Island Utility Cooperative’s attorneys:
Keri C. Mehling, Attorney at Law, LLC
PO Box 2050
Kihei, HI 96753
Phone: (808) 419-6299
Email: [email protected]

Contact Information for the Consumer Advocate:
Michael S. Angelo
Executive Director
Department of Commerce and Consumer Affairs
Division of Consumer Advocacy
335 Merchant Street, Room 326
Honolulu, HI 96813
Phone: (808) 586-2800
Email: [email protected], [email protected]